Issue #1.4: Family home

Usually I don’t really think about it, but my fiancee is good in reminding me of that. So, here it is, my family home.

I’m the oldest child of my mom. She lives there with her new husband and new kid. My sister is 11 months younger than me, and she already has a husband (yup, I’ve got fiancee and two kids). In my family home is her room. With her things. My room was changed to my mom’s bedroom and there is not even a single t-shirt or pair of trousers that belong to me. All my stuff was in the basement and got wet few years ago.

So. Is it really my family home? Since there is nothing that says that I lived there for twelve years.

Issue #1.3: Mother’s Day

Today is the Mother’s Day.
I called my mom. I wishes her all the best and we talked for few minutes. In the meantime I heard that *beep* noise – someone other was calling her, my Grandmother.

“Oh, you know, I need to finish and call her back, because, you know, she would instantly thinks that something is wrong.”

And you know what? It’s so much bullshit.
1) AFAIK my mom is an adult and she can take care of herself
2) what if she was just in a bathroom? My Grandma would really panic because she didn’t answer her phone?
3) my Grandma is not that kind of person – she understands that we all have our lives and phone is not most important item.
4) okay, all that “worry” thing could be true if phone would be off, but there is other info if you’re trying to reach someone who is talking right now with someone else.

I told you. Even my mom doesn’t like me.

oh, my hand!

I missed writing. Handwriting of course.
I wrote about 4 pages and I know it’s not much but that definitely was something that I really needed.

My short story and a novel are in progress, I’m so happy, that I finally started.

Oh, yeah, and the weird stuff,
I’m thinking a lot about serial killers portrayed by Michael Weston… I’m really curious how is that feeling, on the tv show, of course.